Guest Seating Chart

One of the most daunting details to plan for a wedding can be the guest seating chart. Ironically, this is one of the first things newly engaged couples excitingly attempt to put together, then will forget about and back burn until the days before the ceremony! In this unblog., I will give my suggestions on the best practice for creating a seating chart and advice on how to facilitate these details the day of your wedding!

The seating chart will be the detailed log for all guest dining assignments. A simple spread sheet is often most useful to document this dining information. To start, insert all the guests first and last names to whom you have sent a wedding invitation. When you receive their RSVP it is best to indicate their acceptance and delete them from this list if they send a regret card. Once all RSVPs have been gathered, you may begin assigning friends and family to individual tables based on the venue’s requirements. *Always check with your venue director to confirm the floor plan, tables sizes, and other space requirements before assigning guests to tables!* 

Begin by numbering the tables and their seating capacity. Then, simply insert your friends and family to each individual table. This may start out easy, but often times becomes a shuffle of ‘this couple’ or ‘that aunt’ to make the amount of guests match the amount of chairs at specific tables! The goal is to not ‘be bossy’ and tell people where to sit, rather ease the confusion and stress of your guests upon arrival at your reception. This spread sheet with guests now assigned at each table is also the location to include any dietary needs, allergies, high chairs, special requests, etc. This document may also be very useful to the venue when needing to know these details as well!

From this same spread sheet, you will be able to track all guests, edit their meal selection (if required), make place cards, floor plans, and help those running your party locate guests or issues smoothly if needed! While creating your seating chart may be the most stressful part of planning, it will make your day run smoothly and provide you comfort in knowing all of the kinks have been addressed and worked out prior to your guest arrival.

As always, please feel free to comment or email me with any questions!  I am always happy to help!

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