Event Theme & Design

Choosing your theme and design can be the most fun part of planning your party! While this general idea will continue to evolve throughout the planning stages, it is very important that you clearly convey your ideas to the planning team and vendors to guarantee your vision come to life! The following suggestions will assist you in explaining your thoughts allowing your vendors to create the theme and design desired!

Do your research so they can do your work!
While your venue and event planner will be very influential in the overall look of your design, it is imperative that you have a clear vision to direct and inspire your team. Researching other events of the same style will help you narrow down your likes and dislikes. Creating a mood board of images that inspire you is the most clear way to convey your design concept. Similarly, acknowledging things that you don’t like is just as important as those you do. Throughout the planning process you will be communicating with multiple vendors all working on your behalf to fulfill your theme and design. It is best to have knowledge of each vendor’s area to help direct them in best creating your personal design.

For instance-

  • Research center pieces for size, height, shape and color prior to meeting with your florist to deliver your likes and dislikes clearly.
  • Similarly, looking at other photos of couples and party members will help direct your photographer in the style and direction you would like to see taken.
  • If you have the option, knowing if you prefer round, square, or rectangular tables will help your venue manager see your floor plan design more clearly.
  • Also review tables from other events and clarify if you like the “full” look with all glassware, serving ware, flowers, candles, place cards, etc or if something more “simple and clean” is your vision.
  • Confirming your preferred colors will assist in dress selection, floral design, linen options and much more. *Noting what you don’t like is just as important.

Once these details are conveyed to your vendors, they will have the opportunity to provide you with their ideas and designs to make your vision come to life. If there is something you do not like in the proposed design, immediately notify your vendor as to the specific area you would like changed. The sooner the better as many design items build on each other and should be signed off on as soon as possible to keep continuity throughout your design. The most important point to note is to be honest with your vendors about their designs. Every vendor wants you to be happy with the final product and will continue to work on your behalf to ensure that is the case.

As always, please feel free to comment or email me with any questions!  I am always happy to help!

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