Erin and Brian’s Wedding Celebration

This month brought with it the beautiful union of Erin and Brian! The couple were married the first weekend in December under a romantic gazebo surrounded by lush green lawns, dotted with loving family and excited friends! The wedding party consisted of the couple’s parents, two good friends, and was highlighted by the personal touch of Brian’s brother, serving as the officiant. Lovingly written vows rounded out the emotional wedding celebration. After the ceremony, the two walked through a bubble tunnel created by cheering guests! Not long after their union, the party began!

Guests were escorted to the new Hangar 21 Venue at the Fullerton Airport for a night of fun. Erin and Brian made a surprise grand entrance, flying into their reception on a private helicopter to cheering friends and shocked family! The couple kicked off the night with a perfectly executed choreographed first dance, followed by a delicious Mexican dinner buffet. Guests circled the bar enjoying signature old fashions and sangria during toasts, roasts, and speeches!

Dessert highlighted the evening featuring a massive donut tower complimented by a sweet smores bar. The Bride and Groom played lawn games on the runway and took photo booth pictures late into the night before departing as a married couple.

It was an absolutely fantastic party filled with love, laughs, and memories that will last a lifetime. I can’t WAIT to share these professional photos with you when they are available! Stay tuned for those posts soon!

Lots of love to you Erin and Brian!


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