Chris & Greg’s Wedding!

Greg and Chris were married last month in the most loving and fun way, surrounded by amazing family and close friends. The grooms were heavily involved in planning their special day that started with a pre-ceremony cocktail hour in a romantic courtyard just behind the church! Wedding guests enjoyed drinks and appetizers, fountain-side, before heading into the beautiful stained glass walled, wood beamed sanctuary for what was a romantic candlelight ceremony.


Greg’s talented sisters set the mood for the evening with their touching rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer.” Immediately following, twenty eight of the couple’s ridiculously talented friends sang “What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?” as the wedding party entered down the lantern-lined aisle. Greg’s cousins married the couple under two majestic, fifteen-foot trees dripping in white lights. Two more live performances of “Latch” and “As” filled the church rafters with love and unity as Greg and Chris said their “I do’s.”

Continuing in celebration, guests were escorted down a candle lit walkway to another sprawling brick courtyard for more cocktails, appetizers, and fun. Live jazz music danced through the air as guests enjoyed the sunset on Chris and Greg’s wedding night.


As the dinner bell rang, the party moved to the dining hall for a surprise dinner show! While enjoying dinner, the wedding couple treated their guests to numerous live performances by more of their talented, professional vocalist friends. Highlights of the evening included a performance by Greg and a surprise song by Chris! As the evening continued, wedding cake was enjoyed, the bar was frequented, and the dance floor was filled with celebration and love.


Chris and Greg hosted a memorable wedding for their family and friends. The beautiful decor and live performances organized by their friends prove the love these two radiate is infectious, inspiring even. Their bright smiles and warm hugs send waves of love to all they meet. The support and love of their wedding guests embody the love these two share. Greg and Chris’ wedding is one we will never forget and are forever grateful to have been a part of!

Thank you both!
Congratulations boys!

Chris & Greg_1-27-18

Love and let love!

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